Hey there! After a poll on my Instagram account on what I should write about first (if you don’t follow me yet, I’ll wait for you to go and join our little family😊 ), dance was the winner.

So I thought it might be quite fun to do a little series here on my blog where every week I write about how my career in Dancesport came to be, taking you along on what has been and still is an amazing journey. I won’t bore you with dates and results but instead, I’ll tell you about all the moments which have stuck in my mind because they were either very special, very funny or completely mad.

I hope you’ll enjoy it and let me know if you’ve experienced
anything interesting you would like to share, I would love to know
what has made you the dancer or dance enthusiast you are today. Let’s start!


OK, so this one is a bit of a cheat post as I honestly have no clue what my very first dance lesson was like. You see, I started dancing when I was just three years old (kinda wondering today how I managed that, I mean can kids even walk properly at that age?), so most of what I’m going to tell you is based on what my first teacher and my mum told me.

Natasa Ambroz, one of the most respected authorities on technique today had at the time the very honorable job of trying to teach me how to skip through the dance entitled the Bear Picnic. Parents were not allowed inside the dance hall during the first half of the lesson and I, being the very brave little girl that I was, apparently spent most of those 30 minutes crying and clinging to poor Natasa. How she managed to teach anyone anything with me hanging from the leg is beyond me, but somehow she won me over and by the time my mum returned, she was able to admire me bouncing around with the rest of the group in what must have been a hilarious heap of chubby little feet and pink skirts.

And so it began. After that very first lesson, my love of dance was born and whatever other sport or activity my parents had me try, nothing managed to pull me away from dance. To this day I honestly don’t know what was it that turned me into a dance junkie, but my parents tell me that no matter what age I was, whenever someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up the answer was a firm “I’m going to be a dancer”.

Wanna know about my very first competition? I can already tell you that it was a massive success as me and my partner managed to secure a fantastic 67th place out of 70 couples. But before we actually talk about that one, we have a whole range of other stuff to cover.

next when I’ll tell you all about my first time dancing
with a BOY!

Xo xo


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