So the competitions are back full speed and you might want a new dress, or you’re just starting to compete, maybe you’ve outgrown it. Whatever the reason is, to all applies the same rule. Get the dress that suits your body perfectly.

We’ve talked about how your dress can help your dancing in our previous blog, and even before that, we’ve briefly talked about knowing your body type and shape (don’t worry a series of blogs that will touch this topic more are coming soon). So, with the knowledge we got so far, let’s take a look at some of the most common mistakes we’ve seen dancers make when choosing their competition dress.

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So the competitions are back full speed and you might want a new dress, or you’re just starting to compete, maybe you’ve outgrown it. Whatever the reason is, to all applies the same rule. Get the dress that suits your body perfectly. We’ve talked about how your dress can help your dancing in our previous blog, and

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dress that's too big

This is a no from us. We’re firm believers, that a competition dress should fit your body perfectly. When a dress is too big, it can’t compliment your body and all the movement is blurred. It won’t move with you and you could also get an unpleasant experience of revealing too much to the public. This goes especially for Latin dresses with a fully open-back design. And remember if you reveal too much you could get a warning or even be disqualified. That’s why we recommend getting your dress tailored and made just for you.

If you do buy a second-hand dress, make sure you try it on way before a competition and see how it is when dancing, so that if anything has to be altered, your designer can fix it properly and in time. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE, THERE MIGHT NOT BE ENOUGH TIME.

wrong design for your body shape

You can have a big problem here if you don’t know your body shape. Or even worse if your designer doesn’t know it. You must know which parts of your body to highlight and which you want to hide. Just because something looks good on someone else, doesn’t mean it will look good on you too. It’s possible to still make a similar design, maybe it just needs to be in a different colour and with some alterations.

Plus, copying the designs to the exact same point is rude. Read our blog on different body types and figure out what your body shape is. Don’t forget to stick around because more blogs on this topic are coming soon 😉


It’s lovely to see great physiques and we can all agree that Latin ladies usually have great bodies. But there is a limit that you should not cross- we really don’t want to be staring at your hoo-hah every step you take. Short dresses are great, but please make sure you keep it classy- as a guideline, your dress should completely cover your butcheeks and the body you’re wearing underneath should NOT MOVE! If it ends up gathering after the first step please have the dress fixed.

We’ve said this about a billion times now and we’ll keep saying it until it goes “out of style” TOO SHORT STANDARD DRESSES. We just can’t cope with this one. A standard dress should be to the length of your ankle, period. Especially girls that are tall and have their standard dresses to the middle of their shin. Now, these short dresses are usually very plain. And that’s another problem that brings us to the next point.

no volume standard dresses

Volume is great. It gives you this extra movement and flow that compliments your dancing in the best way possible. We love seeing a voluminous standard dress. Imagine a tall skinny dancer in a standard dress that is too short and plain or a tall skinny dancer with a dress to her ankle and lots of volume. Who looks better? Which dress will give her more curves and movement and that way compliment her body more? 

We’re not saying you should look like a meringue- stiff, puffy skirts are definitely out. But voluminous skirts can be light, airy and move beautifully so stick to this option for a great competition look.

the wrong colour

Based on your body shape you should choose your dress colour. But that’s not all. You should know what colours are trending and what colour is currently the most worn one by your fellow competitors. It might be better not to go with the trendy colour and choose something that you don’t see much off. At least not in your age group. That way you’ll stand out more and be more memorable. 

Also, pay attention to how colours really look on the dance floor- strong lights and floor shade can influence the colour of your dress. For example, a beautiful red shade will look amazing under certain conditions but will pull brown in others.

And another big problem we see happening. Just the most awful colour combinations. Please do know which colours go together and which not. Sometimes on a paper a colour combination might look good, however you must remember, that the fabric does not take the same pigment as the paper, and it might be slightly off. And another thing that we se happening here is, the wrong design for a colour combination. Yes, that’s also a thing. Unless you know, your colour combinations are with black or white, can’t really go wrong here. 

So here they are. 5 most common mistakes when choosing your dress. Do you recognize any? Well, there still might be time to fix them before the next competition!

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