Dancing puts a smile on your face, it makes you happier, healthier and more self-confident.

But it can do so much more than that.

Dance has the power to transform lives.

Together We Can Make Difference!

You Can Be A Part Of Us

All great projects need support and we would love it if you would join our very esteemed patrons.
Kindly get in touch and find out how you can help children already taking part in our programmes to dance more and dance better today- happy dancing feet are just a click away

Our Mission

For years we have been offering free dance classes to children from less privileged families, enabling them to become a part of our dancing family and helping them experience things they probably never would otherwise.

The transformation we see in children of all backgrounds, ages and abilities once they start dancing is remarkable. Gone are the shyness, the slumped shoulders and guarded looks- they are replaced by smiles, sparkling eyes and joy of mastering new steps. Some of these children have been training with us for years and have become real little champions.

We’re glad we can help a few children each year to smile a bit more often, but we would like to do so much more. We would like to enable dozens, hundreds of children to live their dreams of becoming a dancing star, to train, live and breathe dance just like we do. We want to see them succeed and have a long and fulfilling career in Dancesport, just like we do.

This is how the idea of a DanceSmileLive Fundation came to be and we’re slowly but surely working towards the day when we can bring it to life. What will it do? It will help less privileged children to Dance, Smile and Live the wonderful life of a dancer by offering dance programmes, lessons and training plans for talented children who are willing to train hard and succeed.

Until today this was all just a dream, but now it’s becoming a reality. The DanceSmileLive Fundation is coming in 2022 and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

We’re looking forward to telling you more about it once the time comes. For now, just know that we’re here and we’re working hard.

Let’s DanceSmileLive together!

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