New year, new goals! We have a blog post all about goal-setting coming up later this month, but today we’re looking into another important aspect that will help you improve your dancing- our TOP 3 DANCE PRACTICE ESSENTIALS! We won’t go into the obvious like dance shoes but rather talk about some stuff that maybe doesn’t spring to mind when you’re getting ready to train your Waltz.

We all know the saying “all the gear and no idea”, but in case of many dancers it’s often the other way around. For some reason we tend to be preoccupied with the training itself and tend to forget that certain items can help it make more efficient and easier. Taking care of your body and health is just as important as investing in private lessons, so the following three items are all about YOU and your well-being.

In order to help you prepare for a successful 2022 of training, here are some ideas for items that will make your dance practice better.


Hydtration is very important and dance training is very demanding- just an hour of practice will make you sweat more than an average person does in a day! This is why it’s important to drink enough and obviously single-use plastic bottles are a huge no no here at LT DANCE. Reusable water bottles are very easy to find but it’s not that easy to find ones that hold enough water for a very demanding practice session; most are 500ml or 1l capacity.

These huge SLUXKE water bottles¬†available from Amazon are great – they’re made from non-toxic materials that wash well and are fun to use thanks to motivational messages printed on them. Just choose your colour and start your training!


– stay hydrated

– non toxic materials

– pretty colours and fun designs


As in vitamins and minerals- while it’s important to get as many of your nutrients through balanced and healthy diet, often it’s not possible to integrate substances like magnesium or potassium that get used up during training.

Consult your physical conditioning trainer or sports physician before buying and using anything- they’ll have the best advice on what’s ok and what to stay away from. As long as you stay with pharmacy-bought supplements of magnesium, potassium, multivitamins and minerals you’ll be fine as these products are regulated and controlled. Opt for all natural ingredients to rule out any nasties in these products and your body will thank you.


Sore body after dance practice? Yes, always! While nothing will do the job like a professional deep tissue sports massage, there are ways to relax and unwind at home after a long day in the dance studio. Remember, if you keep on using and using your body without giving it some TLC it’ll sooner or later give up on you-cue injuries and overtraining.

Here are some easy to use and relatively affordable gadgets we love (just click the device name and follow a shopable link):




You can find items that work for you online or in stores and we promise there’s something for every budget. This post isn’t about selling these items (none of the links are affiliate), it’s about making you understand that your body will work as well as you take care of it. Giving yourself time to rest and recover after practice or a competition is very important and these massagers, water bottle and supplements will help you recover better and faster.

Happy training dancers!



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