New week, new blog post! Today we’re back with our list of Competition Essentials that every dance sport competitor should have- from makeup items, to nutrition and THE dress, we’ve got you covered! In case you’ve missed last week’s post check it out here TOP THREE DANCE PRACTICE ESSENTIALS so you’re always ready to dance! THAT …



New year, new goals! We have a blog post all about goal-setting coming up later this month, but today we’re looking into another important aspect that will help you improve your dancing- our TOP 3 DANCE PRACTICE ESSENTIALS! We won’t go into the obvious like dance shoes but rather talk about some stuff that maybe …


Better Squats-how and why?

BETTER SQUATS-how and why

Everyone knows that squats are great for dancers, right? Right, but still very few dancers actually use these exercises and there are still many misconceptions surrounding squats and what squatting will do to your body. Ballroom Dancesport requires a wide range of rising/lowering actions that can benefit from squatting exercises- strong leg muscles and movement …

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Running? No no no, I can’t run, I’m a dancer- I’ll get bulky leg muscles. Also, running is nothing like dancing, so it’ll mess up my technique and balance… How many coaches out there have heard this? Every single time when I tell my students that running is very important for dancers I get the …


Eco-friendly products for dancers

Us dancers are not the most eco-friendly and sustainability-oriented people out there. While this statement is of course a generalisation, you have to admit that dance and performing arts industry as a whole tends to turn a blind eye to how sustainable and healthy products we use on a daily basis actually are. In short, …

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podcast-She's Just a Dancer

Our new podcast for dancers!

Hello world! We’re excited to announce that Tjaša has teamed up with Joanne Clifton- a fellow World Champion Ballroom dancer, Strictly Come Dancing winner and star of musical theatre to bring you a new podcast! They’ll be talking all things dancing, chatting to some inspirational dancers and bring you all the sparkle, sweat and tears …

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My dance story- Tjaša, part 3

In my last post I left you at the start of my competitive career, aged six and excited for my first pretty dress and “real dancer” shoes. It may seem pretty early to start competing at a tender age of six, but I’m firmly convinced that I stayed in dancing because I had the chance …

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How to practice at home- TANGO

Tango today! This standard dance is actually the easiest to practice in smaller spaces- the lack of swing and rise & fall makes it a bit more manageable when it comes to making it fit into your living room. Read our guide to practicing Tango at home and click on IGTV buttons for a short …

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How to practice at home- WALTZ

It’s all about Waltz today- how do we fit it into a small room? Where do you even begin and is it even possible to practice Standard dances without sufficient space? Read our guide to practicing Waltz at home and click on IGTV buttons for a short video with all of the exercises. let’s waltz …

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